What Makes French Women So Chic? Top 10 Things They Would Never Do!

What makes French women so chic? There’s more to being a stylish French woman than a striped top, black capris and a pouty red lips. It’s not always what they do that makes them so amazing, it’s what they DONT do. Here are my top 10 favorites a French woman never does:

What Makes French Women So Chic

  1. Never puts on her make up in public. EVER.
  2. Never wears weekend sweats. Ha! There is no such thing.
  3. Never messes too much with her hair or her face. It’s called aging gracefully people.
  4. Never believes more is more.
  5. Never sweats the small stuff, let a lone breaks a sweat.
  6. Never complicates her outfit.
  7. Never leaves home without her confidence.
  8. Never wears Hello Kitty. I mean please….We are talking the French here.
  9. Never listens to the rules.
  10. Never consumes. They are always collectors.   **See a recent post about this here**

By Melinda Fleming.

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