How To Be A Better Collector & Not A Consumer

It’s that simple – you either collect or consume. A collector puts thought into purchases and looks at the long-term values of a piece and where it will belong in their lives. A consumer lives for today not placing emphasis or value into a purchase and doesn’t seek long terms goals. Any stylish icon will tell you the same thing:

It’s better to have fewer amazing pieces in your collection, than a lot of good pieces.

Take the example of style icon Kate Moss – she might have a lot of clothes, but she collects carefully chosen pieces that represent who she is, adding value to her. That is what makes her unique. Remember this – if you invest in crap its re-sale value is crap!

How To Be A Better Collector & Not A Consumer

So how do you become a collector? You have to have strict rules about what goals you want. Here are some of my collections and the reasons why:

Cashmere – Plain and simple wool makes me itchy. Rule: If a cardigan, sweater etc is not 100% cashmere i wont buy it. Not even if it’s 70%.

Brown leather bag – They are usually vintage Italian always minimal, letting the leather shine through. Rule: always in a different style.

Stripes – Probably the biggest collection I have of all. Rule: No two are a like – Nothing repeats. Always a variation of sweater, t-shirt, tanks, etc.

Here are some similar leather bags to the ones shown above:

Crossbody Messenger Bag – Ralph Lauren

Open Tote Bag – Akris

Large Satchel – Michael Kors

By Melinda Fleming.


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