The Art of Seduction: How To Get In The Holiday Spirit

The art of seduction! Something that I promised myself a few years ago is that I’d always take care of myself and make myself a priority. Feeling sexy is not about your body weight or size; it’s an inner confidence or screaming vixen that’s needing to be heard. As the seductive feeling you’ll exude will be downright irresistible, here’s my go-to tips for feeling seductive during the holiday season:

The Art of Seduction How To Get In The Holiday Spirit

1. Wear Something Sexy Or Nothing At All:

First and foremost this is for you! And although I’ve included it here for the holidays, let’s be real, its an all year round kind of thing. It’s not for any partner; it’s the magic of a lacy brief or silk boxer shorts, is just what the holidays are begging you for. Feeling seductive is being seductive.

The Art of Seduction How To Get In The Holiday Spirit

2. Set The Mood: 

When getting dressed for any parties or events make sure to light a candle, and play some killer tunes. The chance to get swept up in a song that makes you feel powerful is seductive in itself. I lost count of how many times I’ve been caught up in a song dancing away.

The Art of Seduction How To Get In The Holiday Spirit

3. Smell The Vibe: 

Nothing puts me in a state of transformation or seduction like perfume. The smell of flowers or the whiff of a candle is all fine, but the intimate spray of a lingering scent will last with you for hours, and sometimes days. My go-to holiday seduction is Mugler Angel Fragrance because I feel exactly like that; A seductive angel! With notes of caramel, chocolate, honey and vanilla, yeah that’s right, be so tempting that people want to eat you!

 Mugler Angel Fragrance The Art of Seduction

The Final Touch:

There’s a classic saying about when going out one should always take a last look in the mirror and take something off. Here’s the only time I say you should put something on! I still seal the mood with a few sprays of Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist. It seals the deal but giving me a hint of fragrance while also eliminating those other odors that will jones with my vibe. Yuck! Every time you move or flip your hair the scent is activated. One one-stop shop to seduce from top to bottom!

The Art of Seduction How To Get In The Holiday Spirit

My Mugler Angel Fragrance Faves:


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