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Switzerland Matterhorn Outdoor Jacuzzi

The Matterhorn is one of the greatest and tallest mountains in the Pennine Alps, bordering Switzerland and Italy. Zermatt, on the Swiss side is a car free village that comes with a price: an expensive one. Exclusivity, and the best of the best breeds a spot on life’s bucket list. You go for the sking – you stay for the Chalet and hot tub.

As a skiing/snowboarding ritual – after attacking powder on the slopes, it’s time to pack into one of the top 5 Chalet hot tubs in the world. It is Europe after all.

Nestled on a rock about 150 feet above central Zermatt, guests access the Omnia Hotel via a tunnel leading to an elevator, which takes you right into the lobby. Yes. You are starring in your own James Bond film. Although firearms are not permitted, life is defiantly shaken and not stirred.

By Melinda Fleming.

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