The Hit list – 9 Eclectic & Collectable Salt And Pepper Shakers

I use the analogy of decor and salt and pepper shakers a lot. Everyone pretty much owns salt and pepper shakers right? I’m going to assume that’s a whopping big yes. So when we buy products we make choices. Always choose unique & chic. Always. Whether you know it or not, it’s the little things in your surroundings that add value to you, and make your home a chic and inviting place. Hence my salt and pepper shaker theory. They are not expensive, and they will adorn any table you have. Now go forth and be chic!

On Trend Salt And Pepper Shakers:

Invest in little decor pieces.

Eclectic & Collectable Salt And Pepper Shakers

1. Muuto & Norway Says’ Plus S+P Grinder | 2. Michiko Shimade Vita S+P  | 3. Tang Blue & White S+P | 4. Kate Spade Fairmont Park | 5. Michael Aram Corn S+P | 6. Kate Spade NY Daisy Place | 7. Pawz Salt & Pepper Set | 8. Harvest Metal S+P | 9. Steampunk PepperMill








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