My Mums Age Defying Beauty Tip! Does It Work?

For all of my skin care principles, I have always looked up to my mother. She was and still is a natural beauty. You know that type that doesn’t have to wear any makeup, and embodies that ‘I just woke up like this’ spirit? Yup, that’s my Mum! Although it wasn’t spoken as I feel it wasn’t a thing growing up, my Mum was a bonafide skin care junkie! She loved her products and she used them well.

Mums Age Defying Beauty Tip Clarins Double Serum

Her entire ethos was about hydrating the skin, and that more hydration generates a smoother cleaner base. Like mother like daughter I adopted this routine, and each year I become more devoted to products that can go the extra mile. As a fan for years, I’ve been trying out the CLARINS Double Serum and am loving the powerful punch it delivers.

Mums Age Defying Beauty Tip Clarins Double Serum

Mums Age Defying Beauty Tip Clarins Double Serum

Anything that can hydrate my skin and even out my skin tone is something to note. What makes it a stand out product is the two serums in one combination for anti-aging. It glides on light and smooth and smells like I’m standing in a flower shop in Paris. That’s how I like my beauty products: light, quick and easy, and a fragrance that takes me to another destination!

Mums Age Defying Beauty Tip Clarins Double Serum

As an avid traveler, I appreciate CLARINS new pump dial which lets me control the amount that comes out. A tiny drop for those warm tropical climates I always travel to, and a power shot for the colder dryer locations and days on the road or at home. Having given it a good test run, I felt my skin was brighter, smoother, more hydrated. The powerful benefits of turmeric in the serum really do brighten the face, and I feel you can see that right away.

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2 thoughts on “My Mums Age Defying Beauty Tip! Does It Work?

  1. I bought this product as a preventative measure because I am 25 years old and don’t necessarily need it. I wanted to start using now so my face aging is pushed back a few years.

    Works really well!. Smells great, not a strong scent, just a clean, fresh scent. Noticeable tightness in the lines(what lines I do have) on my face in just a few days of using it. I will definitely be buying this product again.

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