The Hit List – 9 Modern Stud Earrings With A Twist

I love accessories, but I also like cheeky accessories like this collection of modern stud earrings. Sure there is the elegant flower one, but the spider, the dogs, the panda bear remind me to think outside of the box and have some fun. The Givenchy magnetic stud, is so hot right now, and one can never go wrong with the classics like the gold triangles. There a little something for everyone here. I hope you enjoy xx


Modern Stud Earrings:

Which one is your fave?

Modern Stud Earrings


1. Tom Binns *ON SALE | 2. Sailors Knot | 3. Gemma Redux *ON SALE | 4. Givenchy Magnetic Shark Earring | 5. Lulu Frost *ON SALE | 6. Mother Of Pearl Floral Stud *ON SALE | 7. Rebecca Minkoff | 8. Bamboo Brunching | 9. Marc Jacobs *ON SALE







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