Map Of Chicago Wall Art $95 FREE SHIPPING

cc-buy-now-buttonGreat ways to make dramatic statements in a room, is by hanging large works of art. A room is easily anchored by having a large focal point, that ties the rooms conversation together. Using maps as art, brings history, conversation, space and tension by being in terms of scale, as large as furniture. Silkscreened onto canvas, the map of Chicago is layered with colors of browns blacks, whites and creams. With this map of Chicago wall art, the inspiration is that of old antique, and turn of the cartography. Names of the streets are not intended to be visible, as if you were to have stumbled upon lost art. Frayed and torn, over 100 years old, the black and white with hints of brown, make it a stand out piece as it blends with many other colors. Surround with decor pieces of yellows, pinks, blues, and violet. A great conversation starter, its visual appeal will add depth to any room.

Map Of Chicago Wall Art


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