5 Chic Ways To Use A Large Wire Basket

I’m drawn to the rustic coolness that comes with a large wire basket. It’s open, its breathable, it’s transparent, and that wire, it just adds a simple charm. What’s so cool about them is that there’s so many ways to display them as decor pieces. And don’t be afraid to get out a can of spray paint! My top five ways:

Storage: From towels to toilet paper, there isn’t anything that doesn’t look cool in a basket. Store things that are not metal, as this makes the wire still the star of the show. Even add leather handles for an added rustic effect. Great for bathrooms, bedrooms, kids rooms and offices.

Shelving: A great way to utilize space, from displaying what you normally would in a bookshelf, take it one step further by making your own unique space. Great in kitchens, bathrooms, and doorway entrances.

Stacking: Another storage saver, with the added bonus of being able to see whats inside. Saving space anywhere in your home, closet, garage, kitchen for those items you don’t use everyday.

Seating: One of my favorites, as no matter what you are using it for in the home, take a cushion and boom, you have an extra seat. Or how about throwing a sheepskin rug on it as a lighter pillow over the top.

Showcasing: Create your own furniture by stacking a few books on top, add a lamp, some small decor accessories, and you have a unique side table. Also great to showcase tall vases, art sculptures or other items of great height.

Chic Ways To Use A Large Wire Basket:

Large Wire Basket

Large Wire Basket

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