THE FRIDAY FIVE – 5 Key Lessons From The Isabel Marant For H&M Collection

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Isabel Marant for H&M Collection was my first “capsule collection” experience. When a super talented highly coveted expensive designer teams up with a powerhouse big-box fashion store, it’s a pretty big deal. The “limited edition” capsule collection is created offering the designers styles at a fraction of the namesake price. When I say Limited, believe me, it’s limited! My five key lessons learned from the Isabel Marant For H&M Collection:

1. Plan if you really REALLY want to attend. I thought I did, but arrived 20 minutes after the store opened, which was a big mistake as I had planned to arrive early. In 20 minutes 1/2 the merchandise was gone.

2. If the lookbook is available online, then make a list of what you like and print out the images to show sales assistants if need be. This way you can strategize where to spend your time, as it’s a mad dash to grab it all. Thankfully the collection was available to view online beforehand.

3. Start grabbing. “If you snooze you lose” as the saying goes. Grab multiple sizes as you never know what’s going to fit.

4. Befriend the other shoppers there. TRUST ME. Yes it’s a mad dash, but when you’re in the line for the changing room, it’s a great way to say “hey I’m a size [blank] if you have anything you don’t want in that size could I have it?” This happen 5 times today inline – way to go girl power!

5. If you think you can do it all online, well think again. What happens when too much traffic comes to a site is it crashes. In this case the H&M website crashed – they did have a ticketing queue, but without access to the site whats the point?!

For more of Isabel Marant’s amazing line —>> HERE.

Isabel Marant For H&M Collection

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