Signs A Digital Detox Camp Is What You Need Now

Let’s face it, slowing and surely we’re becoming a society that cannot unplug, we cannot be without our life line to the outer world – Yes It’s pathetic to admit, but I’m talking about our cell phones. It’s become such an epidemic to some people that get a digital brain freeze, that many attend a weekend digital detox camp. Ya! For reals. Funnily enough, I’m starting to find that by the weekend I too need to unplug and let go. I get such a headache from constantly staring at a screen, ya with me? So here are some easy tips to chill out and let go…

1. It Takes Two – It’s always easier to have a partner in crime to do it with and keep you accountable. But if you don’t I would start with easy steps of no social media for the weekend. Then you can graduate to nothing electronic.

2. Bucket List – You know that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, like sushi making class or rock climbing? This isn’t the weekend to clean out your closet, this is the one to get creative and having fun.

3. Shotgun – Take a day trip. So many people think a road trip can’t be fit into a weekend, or perhaps take 2 day trips instead, or an overnight road trip. Getting out into nature or the open road will remind you of the awesome simplicity of life.

4. Sleepover – I say bring the party home and get living! If you plan a party right, and do a cool-ass theme, any sleepover can be the new staycation.

Do Your Own Digital Detox Camp:

Yep – Your New BFF…

digital detox camp

digital detox camp

digital detox camp

digital detox camp

digital detox camp

Photographed by Patric Massou

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