More Than Connecting The Dots – Beyond Steve Jobs

I’m the youngest of three. So when my older brother would play the game “Look at the Lighty-Whitey”, he was referring to looking at the bedroom ceiling light, so when he turned the lights off we would all see spots. And we did. The Bastard. Ya see I love spots, and never should they just be classified only as polka dot’s. That’s just plain and simply rude. Here is a collection that goes beyond the coolest of spots. It’s about connecting the dots…… I hope you love.

More Than Connecting The Dots - Beyond Steve Jobs

1. Marc Jacobs Clutch | 2. Yard Dice | 3. Anna Sui Blouse | 4. Dinnerware Set | 5. Alice + Oliva Skinny Jean | 6. Furoshiki Scarf  | 7. Christmas Crackers | 8. Lanvin Suede Sneaker | 9. Wood Ring | 10. Plush Hat | 11. Kate Spade Tumbler | 12. Loeffler Randall Franca Shoes





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