5 Key Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

As a stunning symbol of any fashionista’s wardrobe, buying a trench coat appears easier than it looks. After being on the hunt for the perfect trench coat myself, here are my go-to tips for styling a coat to fit your body, and finding the right one for you.

1. Length – One size does not fit all and the same goes for trench coats. Find a length that is proportionate to your body height. Petites will find a shorter length at the knee or hips more flattering, where taller people can go below the knee. Size is key, and it doesn’t matter what’s trending, you have to find the right length for you.

2. Fabric – Depending on the climate you live in, this will navigate you towards the right material. For colder climates, a trench coat that has a removable lining is great for added warmth and protection. Also waxed vs. cloth. If you live in a city that rains a lot, water-resistant nylons are more durable and can protect in other ways. In sunny climates, a lighter cotton version is pretty comfortable for year round weather.

3. Color – To stick with the classics that will last you longer, avoid patterns and stay with one solid color. There’s the classic khaki, navy or black, and gray makes for a nice in-between seasons look.

4. Style – Do you go for a double-breasted? or a more modern minimal style? Whatever works for your figure, but a double breasted is as classic as it gets.

5. Fit – A classic trench is a whole lot of fabric, from buttons & lapels to belts and layering. A good fit is not too tight, so you can wear a sweater underneath to almost nothing at all.

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Buying A Trench Coat:

5 key tips to get you in the know.

Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

Tips To Buying A Trench Coat

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