Artistic Hanging Mobiles By Artenica & Clara von Zweigbergk’s $44

cc-buy-now-buttonAlways on the hunt for new and unique decor pieces, mobiles are a great addition to your home as they offer design from the ceiling down. Good design uses all elements of space. This is a distinctively bright single structured mobile, by Stockholm graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk. Loving the fact that I haven’t seen it before, making it all the more special. Perfect for the children’s room or playroom, the artistic hanging mobiles could also be used to decorate many other rooms of your house. Color is used to contrast and complement one another in this large dodecahedron—that’s a 12-sided geometric shape and the result is a burst of magnificent color and form. Clara created the Mono mobile as part of a collection called Themis in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Artecnica. It’s printed on wood free paper with high-quality spot-printed inks, 12″ in diameter and is easily assembled. Original, interesting and beautiful…for sure its a strike out piece.

Artistic Hanging Mobiles



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