Wooden Peg Coat Hooks By Rich Brilliant Writing $185 FREE US SHIPPING

cc-buy-now-buttonAs a solid piece of design construction, the inspiration to this jewelry organizer, or wooden peg coat hooks, is via childhood games of old wooden peg-in-holes toys. Being able to design the layout of your rack, is a whopper of a bonus, as your design combination is personal, and it should be. Eight pegs in three different sizes is enough to give you control over the space and design you need. And any time you need to change the combination, oh how handy!! You can! It’s no wonder that design house Rich Brilliant Writing, is the winner of many awards, as a design company dedicated to manufacturing iconic and expressive products to improve your home or office life. Brilliant for jewelry, hats, keys, bags, umbrellas, coats, scarfs etc. Available in solid walnut with 2 steel, 3 aluminum and 3 brass moveable pegs.  Can be installed vertically or horizontally. Material: Walnut. Dimensions: 7.8″W x 23.5″H x 3.35″D.


Wooden Peg Coat Hooks


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