The Ultimate Guide – What To Get HER For Valentine’s Day

Ahhhhhh Valentines day. What to get, what do you want, what to suggest, what ways to hint? I came up with a list of my chic favorite finds, the ultimate guide, so If your man happens to get an e-mail or a hint hint from you, that’s fine by me! And single ladies, sometimes it’s good to treat yourself. These are all indulgences I would get for myself too. Enjoy!!!

What To Get HER For Valentine's Day

1. Michael Kors Bracelet Watch | 2.  Marc Jacobs Honey Body Lotion | 3. Rose + Vanilla Tinted Lip Balm | 4. Silk Sleep Mask | 5. Tom Ford Eau de Parfum | 6. Charbonnel Et Walker Strawberry Truffles | 7. Wildflower & Fern Bubble Bath | 8. Sparkling Wishbone Compact | 9.  Q & A a Day Book | 10. Mono Filio Teapot | 11. Red Berries & Precious Wood Candle





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