Wearing All Black – Baby Got Edge

The best part of fashion is being able to put on an outfit and be transformed into feeling something different. From having more edge, to feeling more confidant, wearing all black gives me that edge, that power, that grit, that guts. You know what I mean? It gives one a sense of power that one might not having wearing another color. So I’m wearing it proud. Lace camisole, leather skinny pants, Panama hat, and black loafers with a dash of color.

Why I Love Wearing All Black?

It’s all about the edge.

wearing all black

“Back in black”

wearing all black

“Whoa, Black Betty (bam-ba-lam)”

wearing all black

“Black brings sexy back”

wearing all black

“I think in black”

wearing all black

Photos by Nick Pollack

Witchery Lace Cami

Kookai Panama Hat

Blank Denim Vegan leather Skinny Pants

Diavolina Loafers *ON SALE

Celine Sunnies







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