Styling A Vintage Kimono Dress

Let’s have an intimate chat. Sure I love denim, flip-flops and a comfy tee, but on the polar opposite side of that is this. See I love to dress up, feel fabulous and play with wardrobe choices. You can’t beat vintage fabrics, especially good quality ones, which is what drew me to this vintage kimono. The print is modern & bright giving a spring/summer feel, and because of it’s short length, it can be styled as a short dress. To modernize the look I tied a mens suspender belt around my wait to bring a gritty texture, and matched the clutch with the belt. I deliberately chose a different color heel, as otherwise it’s too matchy. Remember, we have one life – dress up and have fun!

Dressing In A Vintage Kimono Dress:

Dress up now and then.

Vintage Kimono Dress

“Don’t care about what others think. The others will always be others” – Japanese Proverb

Vintage Kimono Dress

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” – Japanese Proverb

Vintage Kimono Dress

“Don’t be afraid of going slowly. Be afraid of standing still” – Japanese Proverb

Vintage Kimono Dress

Photographed by Patric Massou 

Vintage Kimono

Topman Suspenders

Gianni Versace Heels | Similar








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