Vintage Hermes Handbags For Sale 100% Crocodile $41,666

cc-buy-now-buttonThe devil’s mark was written in the numbers 666, but I say we turn that devil into a LUCKY devil. For the price tag of $41,666 is actually considered CHEAP. Now your probably thinking that I’m bonkers, but a new Hermes Crocodile skin bag fetches $120,000. True hermes followers and luxury brand aficionados will know what I mean. Of the vintage Hermes handbags for sale, this rare Hermes Constance bag is made from 100% Crocodile skin. The rarity also comes in due to it’s Bleu Roi color. The inside of the bag features two pockets, one zipped. Combined with the gold-tone large ‘H’ hardware, this bag is a stunning addition for any Hermes fan. The adjustable strap allows for the bag to be carried, or worn on the shoulder. Now the Kelly and the Birkin Bags are extremely popular, but one just looks like everyone else. Guess what the Olsen Twins have? Thats right, a Constance.

Vintage Hermes Handbags For Sale


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