Vintage Coco Chanel Pearl Necklace $1754

cc-buy-now-buttonThere are three reasons I love buying vintage designer jewelry. Number one, is that it’s always cheaper. Number two, is that the choice is more dispersed. Meaning that there is less in circulation, and a lot of it comes from different countries. Different countries produce different products, which in turn creates more one of a kind pieces. Number three, the resale value is usually the same as what you purchased it for, making designer vintage a win. Now I’m not talking about any old designer vintage, but the RIGHT designer vintage. What makes this vintage Coco Chanel pearl necklace so alluring, is not just the pearls, but the sun shaped clasp. That is the stunner. Personally I would wear it clasp facing forward, or even off to the side. It creates unique among the unique. Gold-tone necklace with faux pearls, sun shaped clasp at the rear and a brand plaque pendant. Measurements: pendant: 3.5 cm, circumference: 44 cm.

 Vintage Coco Chanel Pearl Necklace


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