Minimalist Unique Modern Wall Clocks By Stelton FREE US SHIPPING

cc-buy-now-buttonChoosing a clock is hard. Very hard. There are so many elements that go into a decision, like such scenario’s as: would it match the decor? is it traditional? What room would I put it in? I personally seek out the very unique antique hard to find clocks, and also the very unique minimal less-is-more clocks. Guess which one we have here? Yup. Unique modern wall clocks. Scandinavian design house Stelton, adheres to the minimalist philosophy, with each item designed and manufactured to inspire and excite. The simplistic design of the clock gives it a modern, rustic look, enhanced by the illusion of the clock floating on the wall. Made in Denmark. Matte black painted aluminum. 11.8″ diameter.

Unique Modern Wall Clocks


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