Tree Camping in Germany at Waldseilgarten, Bavaria – Travel Article

Tree Camping in Germany at Waldseilgarten, Bavaria; Does it make you think of the song “welcome to the jungle?” Almost. I promise you that tree camping is camping like nothing you’ve done before. Seriously. Sleeping in a tent hanging over 6,000 feet in the air might make you feel a lot like Tarzan, or perhaps like Jane. Without a doubt unique in its luxury style. High atop a Bavarian mountain summit, try a night suspended between several trees, or suspended over a cliff face, or perhaps a night’s stay in your own hand-built igloo (winter only). Let’s take a moment to say, Damn that would be cool! And yeah, cold too. But that’s okay – it’s an igloo!!!

Tree Camping in Germany at Waldseilgarten

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Even with a vast array of extreme camping options, the German Waldseilgarten resort also has inciting activities such as tree rope courses, archery, rock climbing, or perhaps you would just simply like to relax watching the sunset from your own personal tree pod. I’m thinking not too shabby.

In the daytime, the all ages year round activities, include an 8 course adventure plan with 75 diversified tasks. Let’s not forget there is tree swinging, zip-lining, and the sheer fact that you get to do this all in the plush mountain greenery that you are surrounded with. Nature is calling your name to invite your adventurous spirit to try something new. With many must see’s in Germany, the Waldseilgarten mountain resort without a doubt is one of those unique adventures you wont forget anytime soon.

As you sleep under the stars in your floating bed, without a doubt the question you’re probably asking is “where do I go pee?” Well it’s simple really. Rope assistance. Are you there Tarzan? It’s me Jane.

By Melinda Fleming.

Tree Camping in Germany at Waldseilgarten

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