Top 8 Eco Friendly Spas You Need To Bucket List!

From fresh food grown in the back yard, to drinking crystalized water, there isn’t anything about eco-friendly spas that doesn’t want to make me want to go. In fact, I yearn for them. After a taste I had at a stay in Costa Rica, I’m drawn to the luxe part of being pampered. Anything that nourishes my mind body and soul at once, well I’m in! As a frequent traveler, I always seek out a new place to relax and get pampered. While I haven’t been to the ones below, they are on my bucket list to visit as they are so unique.

Top Eco-Friendly Spas:

Top Eco Friendly Spas

Rogner Bad Blumau

This Austrian Eco Spa is full of hidden gems including its own self-sustaining thermal hot springs. What makes it so unique is that every element of the spa is a work of art. Literally. From the herbal sauna to the mineralized Vulkania pools, the spa creates a truly one of a kind experience that we all secretly crave. Amirite?!? Tucked away in the hills of Austria, Rogner Bad Blumau is the escape for a week of peaceful relaxation.

Top Eco Friendly Spas

Monart Spa

Hands up if you need a detox? Deep in the woodlands of Wexford, Ireland, the Monart Spa is where you go when you want to leave all of your worries behind. Whether it’s a log cabin sauna or in a moor mud wrap, you will find yourself completely rejuvenated after a few days here. Hidden in the deep woods, any spa treatment you can imagine exists thanks to twelve-page page luxe list of drool-worthy indulgences. From cocoon wraps to aromatherapy facials, Monart has everything you need for a weekend of pampering that will make you feel brand new.

Top Eco Friendly Spas

Saxon Spa

When researching eco-friendly spas, I was highly surprised by the luxury appeal that I found in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg, the resort gives the feeling of a deep sense of spirituality. Known for its calm and tranquil environment, the Saxon spa focuses on holistic relaxation, that’s a rejuvenating journey focusing on restoring the mind, body, and spirit through their luxury treatments. From the Himalayan signature journey to the Hammam therapies, each treatment is truly one of a kind. The rebalancing package caught my eye by providing you with a full day of pampering and restoration.

Top Eco Friendly Spas

Travaasa Hana

When I think of Hawaii, I think about vacation and island time. I’ve never fully submerged myself in a spa’s holistic program, but at the Travaasa Hana Spa, I’d be willing to submit and just let go. With a digital detox option, you would be crazy not to embrace the chose your own adventure options. Overlooking, the Hana Bay, you come here to embrace Hawaii. From the Volcanic Mud Wrap to the Island Glow Facial, the spa uses local ingredients in all of their treatments. Aloha Baby. Aloha!

Top Eco Friendly Spas

Nun Assisi Relais Spa

Ready to be pampered like a Roman Goddess? I am! From the Nun Circuit wellness package to the Diamond Body and Face massage, each treatment takes place in the Roman ruins allowing you to be pampered while feeling like ancient royalty. Built into a first-century Roman amphitheater, you are taken back in time while experiencing truly one of a kind spa treatments. In between your luxurious treatment you can soak in one of the six pools limestone pools dating back 2000 years, or wander the Nun Path for a purifying and rejuvenating experience. Regardless of what treatments you chose, this eco spa is a must stop get away!

Top Eco Friendly Spas

Viceroy Riviera Maya Spa

To be honest, when I look for spa weekends I’m in dire need of a relaxing oasis, away from the chaos of every day, so obviously a spa in Mexico made the list. With its deep blue tissue massages and pure radiance facials, the spa oozes luxury. The spa also offers traditional Mayan rituals and ceremonies that allow you to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, which we definitely all need every now and then. As if that’s not relaxing enough, make sure to head down to the beach where your own personal butler waits on you hand and foot. Did I mention your own personal butler?!?!

Top Eco Friendly Spas

Inkaterra Unu Spa

When I think of Peru, the first thing that comes to mind is hiking up Machu Picchu. Bucket-list check! But if you wanna explore the luxe part of the Mayan culture, it starts with the Inkaterra Una Spa. With tea plantation purification treatments and de-stressing massages, Inkaterra has me yearning to pack my bags and just go! Completely submerged in the jungle, the spa is a hidden oasis for those looking to relax and be pampered. Using only ingredients found locally, it really embodies true eco-luxury. What sounds killer is the Andean Sauna, heated by river rocks, and the sacred coca leaves treatment, which leaves you feeling blissed. Next stop Peru!

Top Eco Friendly Spas

The Chedi Club

I’m pretty sure everyone has Bali on their short list for a relaxing getaway, and I’m no exception. Whether you’re looking for a week of pampering or a spiritual rejuvenation, the Chedi Club has it all. Built in the middle of a rice field, you will feel fully submerged in the beauty of Indonesian culture with some pretty breathtaking views. Indulge in the ila Adreno Restore Ritual to revitalize your mind and body, or have a Voya Seaweed Leaf wrap for the much-needed detox. Just in case that isn’t relaxing enough, call your personal butler for whatever else you need. You won’t have to lift a finger, except for the one to call your butler that is. So who’s ready to be spoiled in Bali? I am!

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