The Weekend What You Need: SUNNY YELLOW

If your living in the northern hemisphere, winter is defiantly here. There is nothing better as the weekend what you need, like sunny yellow to really go POP. From kitchen and decor accessories to your accessories, a little color therapy never hurt anyone. Speaking of color therapy – what is it good for? Wisdom, clarity, learning, focus and of course warmth, just to name a few. Yellow belongs in your life all year round. For reals.

The Weekend What You Need

1. Yellow Ginger Jar | 2. Mark Cross Madison Satchel | 3. Contrast Mug Set | 4. Jasmine – Scent Distributor | 5. Atomium Egg Holder | 6. Converse Monitor | 7. Nuage Lace Earrings | 8. WOW Speaker | 9. Cube Candle | 10. Wud Plates | 11. Resin Case For Iphone 5 | 12. Luna Watch Siena | 13. Tretorn Skerry Rain Boots




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