Thailand Elephant Paintings For Sale – Authentic One Of A Kind $318

cc-buy-now-buttonThere are youtube videos of the fascinating paintings that are created of Thailand elephant paintings for sale. So applauded in the art world, that auctions have been held at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Meet elephant artist Phong. In the painting GREEN TEA CUSTARD, Phong paints with his agile trunk showing strength, depth, and a pure love of color. Each painting is one of a kind and helps preserve endangered Asian elephants. By purchasing an authentic elephant painting from a non-profit source, it helps increase awareness, and raises the funds needed to protect them. Phong was rescued from the streets of Bangkok as a baby elephant. Now he lives in Northern Thailand at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. He is highly intelligent and a fast learner. His collectors are fond of his series of painted vertical lines. Phong’s artist card will be included with your purchase. Each painting is ONE OF A KIND. 30″ W x 22″ H. Acrylic on Renaissance paper. Help endangered elephants by purchasing their art.

Thailand Elephant Paintings For Sale


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