Know The Summer Casual Dress Code? I Do

Ok so I have a rule of thumb, or my summer casual dress code – It’s groundbreakingly simple; wear as little as possible! As a huge lover of denim, I tend not to shy away from it in summer as it can be worn so many ways. Loup’s vertical striped denim skirt gives texture with a minimalist twist. I love it. It completes my less is more theory of wearing three things and walking out the door. Its summer, its fun, its easy. Now go get it!

I Got My Summer Casual Dress Code

What say you?

Summer Casual Dress Code - Denim

 “There is always that one summer that changes you”

Summer Casual Dress Code - Denim

 “Think a little less, live a little more”

Summer Casual Dress Code - Denim

 “I know where the summer goes…”

Summer Casual Dress Code - Denim

Photo Credit: by Marjorie Curty

 Vintage Blouse

Loup Denim Skirt | More Loup Denim Here

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