I Have A Stylish Mother – That’s Why I Raided Her Closet

Truth. I remember growing up sneaking into my parents bedroom almost on a weekly basis. My stylish mother and her fantastic wardrobe, well I would sneak into that a little bit more. Her name is Elizabeth and she has classic style. She knows how to take care of her clothes, jewelry and accessories, knows how to put an outfit together all with an air of confidence that made it seem effortless. So when I found that my mum was not wearing this stunning vintage beaded tank any more, well I just took it. What am I, ten years old, stealing skittles?!? She would have said take it, but it was more fun this way. I love vintage, and I love the way that my mum took great care of everything. Yeah, that and I’m a sucker for anything beaded or sequined. I know that somewhere somebody is whispering Taste the Rainbow…


I Have A Stylish Mother So I Raided Her Closet.

Yep. That Happened.

stylish mother

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

stylish mother

“You can’t compare me to the next girl. Because there is no competition”

stylish mother

“Fashion is architecture; It’s a matter of proportions”

stylish mother

“I respect people who dress up imaginatively, and question the ways of wearing clothes”

stylish mother

Photos by Nicole Bailey @ nicspicstagram | Shot In Sydney, Australia

Vintage Beaded Tank

Custom Made Reversible Cashmere Coat | Similare Here & Here & Here

Blank Denim Vegan Leather Skinny Pants

Charles Jourdan Pumps | Similare Here

Celine Sunnies







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