5 Easy Tips To Get You Out Of A Rut

Yeah, there are those days that we get stuck in a rut. Yep, every single one of us and it’s a crappy dump of a place to be, so how to we shake it off and get back on track?

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,

show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile”

1. Go With The Flow – I truly believe you just have to ride the storm. It’s ok to watch movies, but don’t do it in bed. At least get dressed and watch it on the couch. Better still go to the movie theater.

2. Try Something New – Whether you try a new food at the supermarket or buy a different shampoo, a little change in your life can do wonders, even try a new style of magazine. Remember, we might feel in the dumps but we still have our senses.

3. Drama Free – Unplug for a few days and disconnect for a while. Sure you can still go to work and do your regular duties, but don’t get caught up in the water cool gossip. Focus on you and chilling out!

4. Chow Down – I say eat whatever you want. And yes I mean it! By depriving yourself in a state of slight depression, isn’t going to make a difference. Now don’t be eating 25 burgers, anything in moderation is cool.

5. Treat Yourself – You completely deserve it, and no time like the present to get something nice for yourself. If you buy online and you are asked for a gift option, say yes, and have it wrapped and write a note to yourself. It is a powerful way to give back to you. I personally did this for Christmas one year, and the feeling was magical.


It Sucks To Be Stuck In A Rut:

5 easy tips to get back on track.

Stuck In A Rut - Curated Cool

Stuck In A Rut - Curated Cool

Stuck In A Rut - Curated Cool

Stuck In A Rut - Curated Cool

Photographed by Patric Massou

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5 Easy Tips To Get You Out of A Rut








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