Styling Stripes With One Easy Tip

Truth: I was into dark colors for a long time, and as I finally found my way into color I would always gravitate towards colors that represented my mood of day. I have mentioned over and over what a sucker I am for stripes, striped skirts, striped shoes, striped ANYTHING. But when layering a lot of color together, how do you get the look right without looking like a bubblegum factory? Trina Turks iconic lifestyle brand can be summed up in any of her clothes or accessories: Bright and California free that exudes an effortless elegance. There’s so much color to play with here, so styling a bright green linen tee gives an extra pop of color. The star of the show here is the skirt, so by changing out the top (always stick to a solid color) keeps your look clean, sharp and minimal. YES minimal. When getting dressed, always pick one thing on you that’s the star of the show and let it shine.

Wearing Colored Striped Skirts The Right Way:

Trina Turk’s got your back.

Striped Skirts Trina Turk

Striped Skirts Trina Turk

Striped Skirts Trina Turk

Photographed by Patric Massou

Veronika Maine Tee

Trina Turk Skirt

Bottega Veneta Inspired Tote Bag | Here & Here

Diavolina Pumps

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How To Style Stripes With One Easy Tip






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