Never Buy The Same Style Of A Striped Dress – Why?

Maybe you can relate. As a self-appointed addict to anything that is striped, I do adhere to one rule: I never buy the same style of striped dress twice. Or even the same type of striped top. Ok now and then if it’s a tank or a tee I might get it in two colors, but that’s it. A common theme when shopping for clothes is that we tend to buy the same things over again, not allowing for growth, variety or change in our wardrobe. And we all want wardrobes that are kick ass, chic, and freakin awesome – am I right? As you can see below, striped dress come in so many colors, patterns, shapes and lengths. So here is where I encourage you: Take stock of your wardrobe. Pull out all your striped dresses and ask yourself, do they look the same? When shopping the one question I always ask myself is What don’t I have? That’s how you build a classic timeless wardrobe with variety. Now go be awesome!

I Never Buy Two Of The Same Striped Dress:

But do you?

Never Buy The Same Striped Dress Never Buy The Same Striped Dress







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