Stars And Stripes BBQ Best Burger Spatula $65

cc-buy-now-buttonI am all things patriotic, and hands down this is the COOLEST utensil I have seen. How awesome are you going to be, by having this Stars and Stripes BBQ best burger spatula? Damn awesome cool! That’s a sentence I just made up. Sure it’s great for July 4th, but don’t stop there. Be a real grill master and use it anytime. Growing up my fondest and favorite events was anything barbecued, cause it brings family and friends together. Made in the good ‘old U.S.A. by Areaware, designed by Jacob Riley-Wasserman. Own items that are chosen for a reason. Made of heat-resistant 100% stainless steel and a handle made of the finest American Walnut wood. 19.5″ W X 4″ D X 2″ H. Now get grilling!! Or gift it.

Stars And Stripes BBQ Best Burger Spatula


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