I Always Wanna Be Standing Out From The Crowd – Do You?

When heading to Sydney Australia, I knew when it came to shooting outfit posts; I didn’t want to be typical & mainstream. I didn’t want photos taken outside iconic Australian buildings, streets, memorials or landmarks, as I didn’t want to be cliché. I thought greatly about this choice, and what would you, my readers think? I always strive to be standing out from the crowd. While driving around to scout the last location of the shoot, we drove down next to the boarding school I went to for high school. I looked at the view you see below, and said I’ve seen it a thousand times, but maybe you haven’t. So in paying homage to an iconic view my way, that is why I decided to have the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background. See you and me, we are all the same, and I wanted us to see the same view together – always standing out from the crowd.

There Is Freedom In Standing Out From The Crowd:

Can you see it?

standing out from the crowd

“Being outstanding is good, but STANDING –OUT is better”

standing out from the crowd

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone”

standing out from the crowd

“If you are different from everybody else, then no one can steal your identity”

standing out from the crowd

Photos by Nicole Bailey @ nicspicstagram | Shot In Sydney, Australia

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