Skaftafell Iceland Underside Of A Glacier – Crystal Ice Cave – Travel Article

Skaftafell Iceland Underside Of A Glacier.

Skaftafell Iceland underside of a glacier

If you were a glacier and you had all the air pressed out of you, and you led to the ocean, and you were created because of the Vatnajvkull ice cap in the south of the volcanic island, and you became this intense rich tunnel and the color that you were, what a stunning sight you would be, as the by product of what you see up above. Literally.

The Crystal Cave (the ice version of a lava tube) was formed due to centuries of old Ice coming from the slopes of Vrffajvkull, Iceland’s tallest active Volcano in Skaftafell national park.

This is the right side of THIS mother nature you want to be seen on.  Trust me on this one.

Nature also happens to come with its own soundtrack. Cue the sound of ice chips times 1000 – the cracking sound of ice inside of the cave as it moves along with the glacier.

By Melinda Fleming.

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