The Hit List – 12 Coolest Silver Accessories Right Now

As a major silver fanatic, I could not help with creating a collection of my fave silver accessories right now. From the light garland, to a cocktail shaker (no it’s not a tea-pot), these items are all unique & chic, and embracing a global element. I personally collect world globes, and am always on the hunt for unique dinnerware. This is a fun chic collection. I hope you enjoy! Xx

The Hit List – 12 Coolest Silver Accessories Right Now:

The Hit List - The Coolest Silver Accessories Right Now1. Boontje Light Garland | 2. Illuminated Globe (**FREE SHIPPING) | 3. Dardanella Maslo Necklace |4. Sylvia Stave Cocktail Shaker | 5. Teo Teaspoon | 6. Silver Bear Mask | 7. Grecian Horse Statue | 8. Sea Service Set | 9. Mina Ro Mina Bracelet | 10. Crinkled Foil Iphone Case | 11. Alexander Wang Pouch | 12. Dakota Bracelet (**ON SALE) 






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