How To Pick The Right Sequined Bomber

As a natural born sucker for the bling, I pretty much gravitate towards sequins as they add a classy element to any look you’re trying to style. While in love with the on-going bomber trend, I find that a little sparkle adds a softer touch, and are more flattering and versatile too. You can dress a sequined bomber jacket up or down, but either way, you’ll come off a lot more polished. Bombers aren’t the easiest for every shape, so how to pick the right one for you?

Sanctuary Clothing Sequined Bomber

Color Me Mine: First you have to gravitate towards what you love. With a bright light such as an embellished sparkling jacket, now would not be the best time to experiment with different colors, patterns, and hues. Stick to what you know and love, as you probably have that color repeated in many pieces in your closet. You apparently chose it for a reason. {wink wink}.

Sanctuary Clothing Sequined Bomber

Perfect Fit: Don’t confuse the word Jacket to mean that just anything can be worn underneath it. Yeah. No. A simple tee, camisole, or a sexy bra will just do just fine. Sequins are a delicate fabric, so how you layer it should be delicate too. You want a sequined bomber to fit you comfortably. Unless you are a seasoned collector, stay away from baggy and super small looks.

Sanctuary Clothing Sequined Bomber

Play Date: There are few pieces of clothing that I suggest trying on and styling every which way. This would be one of them. When you’re testing it out, how does it look zipped up? Zipper down? Hand in the pocket? Over the shoulder? It’s a layering piece to add to your wardrobe, so have fun playing with it as well.

Sanctuary Clothing Sequined Bomber

Current Mood: Most sequined bombers will fall into the I Can Wear This With Anything category. Stick with that. It will be more versatile in your wardrobe and that way you can have fun dressing it up or down. Sequins are also extremely eye-catching, so going with a less-is-more vibe, will keep you sophisticated with a dash of edge.

Sanctuary Clothing Sequined Bomber

Sanctuary Clothing Sequined Bomber

Sanctuary Clothing Sequined Bomber

Photographed by Jennifer Wu

Sequined Bomber


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How to Pick the Right Sequined Bomber

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