Pure Gold Pills Gift For Person That Has Everything $799 FREE SHIPPING

cc-buyPure Gold Pills Gift For The Person That Has Everything. This is a gold pill. A pure gold pill. It’s filled with gold. Its colored like gold. You can eat this gold. You will feel like gold. Even like the metaphor, its worth its weight in gold. As part of the Indulgences series, it was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in 2005 and designed by Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, aka Ken Courtney. Very much digestible, it contains 24k gold leaf in the capsules. For $799 you get one pill, and a months supply will cost  USD$23,970. Even as a collectible work of art and you choose not to ingest, your still getting a bargain. Even if you got just one. It is art, after all.  Frame it for your home, ingest it for yourself, or gift it, as it makes a perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift. After all, you’re getting something for the person that has everything. KA-CHING!

 Pure Gold Pills Gift For Person That Has Everything


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