Chilling In Pajama Shirts – It’s More Than A Bedroom Thing

The other day I had a first; I spent the entire Sunday in bed, watched four movies, ordered food in twice and had one of the best relaxing days I’ve had in a long time. I hadn’t done it in perhaps EVER but it reminded me of when I was growing up – I would wear pajama shirts that were so cool they could be worn on the street. There’s something casually alluring about wearing pajamas tops. It’s a cool effortless lounging chic. Kinda like that lazy day in bed. Going for a simple slate of gray, white and blue, with a splash of red.

Chilling In Pajama Shirts:

It’s a thing.

Club Monaco Shirts - Cool Pajama Shirts

“Sometimes the best fun, is the do-nothing type of fun all day long”

Club Monaco Shirts - Cool Pajama Shirts

Club Monaco Shirts - Cool Pajama Shirts

Photographed by Patric Massou


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