How To Pick The Best Color Paint Combination Ideas For A DIY Project

A lot of people are afraid of color. I admit, I used to be too! “Will I make the wrong choice? How will I know if the combination would work?” No-one has time to make mistakes, so we want to make the right choice – pronto. Bold color choices make a statement, change a room’s focal point, or highlight that stunning piece that makes your friends say WOW! So where does one seek inspiration? Below are the simplest methods that I use:

1. Flip through a magazine weather at home, or at the checkout line at the grocery store. Sometimes inspiration in a magazine you might not normally pick up.

2. Pursue your favorite blogs. Especially design, architecture and fashion related ones.

3. Look in your wardrobe. Chances are you have a gorgeous patterned outfit that will inspire your color style.

4. Go to your local hardware store and grab a bunch of paint swatches. This way you get to try out what could be a favorite combination.

5. Take pictures everywhere!!  If you’re at a friend’s house, a store, or a chic restaurant, press CLICK. – Inspiration is all around you.

I was in search of a console, that came in a shabby chic style. It was all about “Bones and Construction” of the piece. Color I knew I could add later. I had already found my inspiration HERE and thought if I just add a small colorful POP it would be a winner. So I chose pink – hence the Before & After results.

Paint Combination Ideas

Wanna get this look? From Home Depot I used the sample size containers for Under $3.00:

– Home Depot brand All Black

– Glidden “Sunflower” GLY01

– BEHR “Orchid Rose” S-G-110

– MINIWAX Polycrylic Protective Finish in “Clear Satin” (to finish it off).

Paint Combination Ideas

By Melinda Fleming.

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