Pairing Navy And Grey = Seamless Clean Lines

Grey has to be my favorite color, as there isn’t a shade of it I don’t like. Why navy and grey work so well, is that blue is pretty much in the grey family, especially on the darker end. I like pairing light grey’s with deep navy’s, as it’s soothing, minimal, the lines are clean, and the colors are opposite. Black is too stark, but there is something inviting about the blue – Can you see it? Clean lines equal a clean attitude.

Seamless Navy And Grey:

How do you wear it?

Pairing Navy And Grey -

“Be more than mediocre”

Pairing Navy And Grey -

“Good design is as little as possible”

Pairing Navy And Grey -

“There is never nothing going on”

Pairing Navy And Grey -

“Think different, be different, want different”

Pairing Navy And Grey -

Photo Credit: by Marjorie Curty

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