Get Your Bodycon On In Multi Colored Dresses

There are two ways I like to wear a bodycon dress. It’s either all one color, or it’s multi. The best part about multi colored dresses is that they are perfect for day and night. I can take this exact look, not change a thing and go straight out on the town. Flexible and convenient, when wearing a bodycon dress I never show cleavage. I show my shape, and I let the dress do its magic. That’s where Talulah excels. The fashion house is known for its hip and on trend colored clothes, and their dress section is killer. I’m digging the small capped sleeves making the dress classic and chic.

Talulah Multi Colored Dresses:

Owning it in a bodycon dress.

Talulah Multi Colored Dresses

“Color embraces you. It wakes you up and keeps you present”

Talulah Multi Colored Dresses

“Color is a matter of taste and sensitivity”

Talulah Multi Colored Dresses

“Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios”

Talulah Multi Colored Dresses

“Skittles – Taste the rainbow”

Talulah Multi Colored Dresses

Photos by Nick Pollack | Shot In Sydney, Australia

Talulah Dress

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Celine Sunnies

Celine Bag

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