Unique & Modern Wooden Accessories That Are Chic

What I love about wood is its durability and its proximity to the earth. Everything just feels so much more organic and natural if its made from wood. Right?! I have a wooden ring that I get so many compliments on because its unique. Here is this weeks collection of my favorite finds from modern wooden accessories, to decor items. Hope you like…..

Unique & Modern Wooden Accessories That Are Chic

1. Alphabet Wood Block Set | 2. Pine Desk Caddy | 3. Shanty Wood Lamp | 4. Woods Wallpaper | 5. Piccoli Cheese Set | 6. White Cedar Trapper Canoe | 7. Neon Mini Planters | 8. Givenchy Shark tooth Wood Earring | 9. Honeycomb Stick | 10. Jigsaw Puzzle Stools | 11. Wood Diamond | 12. Metis Wood Watch





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