The Most Lust Worthy Modern Trench Coat That Exists

When I think about art and the history of fashion, it has always tried to tell a story. When I came across this picture it was one of those, “I stopped in my tracks and couldn’t stop staring” images. I know Burberry excels at the modern trench coat, but this gold feathered glorious wonder lets me fantasize, play dress up in my head, and I’d clearly want on of my own (faux feather please). There’s something to be said for what stops us in our tracks, that an image is so powerful it can hypnotize us in that way. This modern trench coat is from a limited collection Burberry did a few years ago, but as picture tells a thousand words, it never really goes out of date. I have a fascination for anything I can touch, and I want to feel this coat pretty bad right now. See fashion you did it – you told a story and you make me want it.

Lust Worthy Modern Trench Coat:

You have to see it to believe it.

Modern Trench Coat Burberry Gold Feather Coat







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