The Hit List – 9 Modern Gladiator Sandals To Fit Every Style

Modern gladiator sandals – When putting together this collection I noticed that they came in many forms. Not just the long tall strappy ones that go all the way up the leg, but also the shorter ones, the minimal ones, the brightly colored ones – and this discovery gave me a lot of joy. Why? Because there’s more than one way to design the same thing. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do. PS – dibs on numbers 1, 4, 7 & 8.


Modern Gladiator Sandals:

Which style are you?

Modern Gladiator Sandals

1. Kariadita Gladiator Sandal | 2. Melina Gladiator Sandal | 3. Tia Gladiator Sandal | 4. Thais Gladiator Sandal | 5. Gilda Gladiator Sandal | 6. Thalia Gladiator Sandal | 7. Ancient Greek Sandal | 8. Strappy Gladiator | 9. Reggie Flat 






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