Modern Chic Wooden Bracelets By K. Amato $45

cc-buy-now-buttonIn keeping in tune with modern clean lines, This K. Amato modern chic wooden bracelets swirl bangle, makes the cut in many ways. Its retro-chic without being so retro, its modern clean lines compliment in a perfect set of tones. The colors of black, brown and white seamlessly work well together, and it fits into the classification of good design with a great price. Perfect to wear loose around the wrist, or enough room to be high up on the arm. Also known as Kristen Amato, she reads the modern woman well, exciting us by designing products that transition beautifully through the seasons. Diameter: 2.75″. Width: 1.5″ Material: Wood.

Modern Chic Wooden Braceletscc-buy-now-button

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