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cc-buy-now-buttonWhat a great gift. Your kids get to an age when you can no longer buy them toys, as they need something more. Clearly you want to develop and nurture certain talents. Sometimes you need to gift them with a talent. That talent is Lomography. The Lomography fisheye 2 camera review, focuses on fabulous camera features, such as a premium Japanese lens, housed in both metal and plastic components for durability. It is very easy to use and takes ultra-wide angle photographs is a cool circular style. It uses a 35mm (100) film which can be developed at most developers/pharmacies. A fantastic ‘toy’ for children to explore their creative side and have some fun. Includes: 35mm Fisheye camera, Full metal jacket body details, graphic poster, wrist strap, manual and lens cover. 12 years +.

Lomography Fisheye 2 Camera Review


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