Learn to Decode Minimalism Design With Marc Jacobs Handbags

I own this 100% Calfskin Marc Jacobs Handbag. Not to be confused with MARC By Marc Jacobs. In my opinion it’s unique, simple, minimal, chic and it’s not seen on the arm of every woman in town. YES! See I don’t want what other people have, and if I do, I will wear or display it in a different way.

That to me is style

Marc Jacobs is known for modernizing vintage and putting a fun, chic urban cheeky twist on it. When I purchased this handbag, it reminded me of a vintage stewardess bag from the 1960/70’s. Maybe it was the color pairing of navy with grape stitching. There is nothing retro or vintage about this bag as it’s all modern.

The first thing a woman does when she picks up a handbag, is she holds it at arm’s length and looks at it long and hard. Before you investigate further you size it up. Let’s decode as to WHY this bag is so minimal:


Learn to Decode Minimalism Design With Marc Jacobs Handbags

  • This is not a light bag. The weight is medium so it tells me it’s well constructed and has good bones.
  • No bells and whistles, just minimal hardware to accent the bag. When a designer over accents a bag, it is then no longer minimal. Duh!
  • Classic shape and style. Bags that are not trying to be overtly trendy are winners. They will remain a staple in your collection, and will hold a resale value if you decide to it sell later on.


Learn to Decode Minimalism Design With Marc Jacobs Handbags

  • My test I conduct on a minimally structured bag, is “Can it stand up on its own?” Some designers use external pockets galore to hold UP the bag – which in turn can weigh the bag down even more. Mmmm no thanks.
  • A minimal bag is like a minimal home. Less on the outside, and whatever’s on the inside is neatly organized. Less is always more.
  • Does the opening of the bag when unzipped hold its own shape? That is a good indicator of clean lines, and more room inside. Too many interior pockets create more space for clutter.


Learn to Decode Minimalism Design With Marc Jacobs Handbags

  • I focus on 1-2 colors at the most for a minimal bag. The navy calfskin body matches the purple grape stitching perfectly.
  • If there is a second color it is only to enhance the main color, not to compete in any way.
  • Does the hardware match the bag? If there is multi colored hardware then stay away. that isn’t minimal in the least.


Learn to Decode Minimalism Design With Marc Jacobs Handbags

  • From a purist minimalist esthetic – the inside is just as important as the outside, as you live among both sides. You are always opening your bag.
  • This bag has one shade and one pocket. I like that as it forces me to bring less things. I simply dedicate that one pocket to my cell phone and a pen.
  • Notice the shade of the interior matches and compliments the exterior stitching? It’s an extension on itself. That is minimalism; if you turned it inside out what would you see?


Learn to Decode Minimalism Design With Marc Jacobs Handbags

  • The hardware should compliment the bag, balancing the combination of leather and metal – with less always being more.
  • I look for hardware that is evenly matched so no matter which way the bag is facing it is always the same. Minimal.
  • Decide who you are. I’m a silver hardware person. Not gold, and not brass. This personifies my sense of style and who I am, making my choices easier.

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By Melinda Fleming.

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