Jimi Roos Bespoke Embroidered Pillow $160

cc-buy-now-buttonLimited edition. Nothing like the scarcity of a product that makes you want it more. Especially if it’s from Jimi Roo’s. Like an artist is to one’s canvas, Jimi Roo’s is an artist with his sewing machine. From T-shirts to pillows, each item is custom cut and sewn by hand, then embroidered using a standard sewing machine, and no two works are a like. Swedish born and italian trained, Roos creates each design in his studio in Florence, Italy. Jimi Roos Bespoke Embroidered Pillow is 100% down feather. The outer shell 100% cotton. Measurements: width: 41cm, length: 43cm.


Jimi Roos Bespoke Embroidered Pillow



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