4 Easy Tips On How To Wear A White Dress In Winter

As we march on into a new year, I also focus on my new years style and where I’m headed. And funnily it’s always the same thing; cleaner, crisper, and wearing all colors anytime of the year. Since I’ve always been a fan of styling color block outfits, it’s no surprise that I was drawn to the crisp look in a white dress. My 4 simple rules on how to wear a white dress in winter:

Forget No White After Labour Day If you still listen to that nonsense, then throw that out the window. You can wear white any time of the year.

Mixing Textures This is a fun style tip, especially if layering white pieces from summer. The texture is everything and will add more depth to your outfit. Here I’m mixing textures with a cotton blend dress, a wool coat and suede boots.

Season Specific Even while wearing white, focus on what season you are in and build your outfit around that. Here the look is clean and polished as I’m accessorising with darker colors for the fall/winter season.

Confidence People cling to old habits. Know what look or feel you are going for and own it!

How To Wear A White Dress In Winter…

how to wear a  white dress in winter

how to wear a  white dress in winter

how to wear a  white dress in winter

how to wear a  white dress in winter

Photographed by Sabrina Hill

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How to Wear White in Winter






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