Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème Anti-Aging Hair Color – How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging

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Truth: I’m at that stage where I am dying my roots to cover my grays. At first, I was going to a salon monthly for touch-ups, which I liked because I got pampered in so many ways. But after a year my wallet decided it had had enough. I could allocate that expense elsewhere and do the job myself. I mean, how hard can it be?

Fact: Did you know that our hair experiences five stages of aging? I was surprised but felt educated and empowered, knowing this. If I’m going to take care of my hair, I need to do it right!

How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging With Zotos

These five most common signs of hair aging include:

  • Loss of color, which includes turning gray
  • Thinning hair which relates to lack of manageability
  • Wiry texture, often making it brittle
  • Dryness due to loss of moisture
  • Dullness, which is impacted by the loss of shine

Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème anti-aging hair color is an incredible professional hair color line developed to fight all five signs of aging hair mentioned above. The first of it’s kind! AGEbeautiful gives you 100% gray coverage and is sold exclusively at Sally Beauty. Each formula contains melanin, keratin peptide, silk protein, and a patented conditioning technology to replenish hair with the essential components that are lost with aging. These penetrate deeply and absorb quickly to deliver rich, fuller, silkier hair that shines.

How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging With Zotos

How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging With Zotos

With the number of hair dyes currently on the market, I headed to my local Sally Beauty where I am so thankful the staff is so knowledgeable, and steered me in the right direction, confirming the right AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème hair color I purchased was correct for me. I choose 1N.

Here’s how to dye your hair at home with AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème hair color:

Tools needed:

  • Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème anti-aging hair color
  • 20 volume developer
  • mixing bowl with a brush or squeeze applicator bottle
  • barrier cream to stop staining around the hair
  • gloves
  • timer
  • clips
  • comb
  • Cape, towel or old tee

Step 1: Prep

  • Apply barrier cream around the hairline and ears to prevent color staining.
  • Put on gloves in preparations for hair dye application.

Pro-tip: conditioner works well as a barrier cream too!

How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging With Zotos

Step 2: Mix

  • Pour developer first, then color.
  • Pour 2oz of developer into a mixing bowl or bottle.
  • Pour 2oz of color into a mixing bowl or bottle, (I used a bottle) and mix well
  • This is a 1 to 1 mixing ratio.
  • I shook the bottled mixture for 30 – 60 seconds until the dye appeared smooth and creamy.

Pro-tip: avoid metal mixing bowls, as the dye reacts to the metal.

How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging With Zotos

How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging With Zotos

Step 3: Apply

  • Brush or comb your hair and create a center part.
  • Apply your AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème hair color to dry hair starting with the roots.
  • Divide your hair into sections and work your way from the roots down.
  • Massage the AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème color into your roots to make sure the hair is saturated.

Pro-tip: apply dye to existing grays usually found around the hairline and part.

Step 4: Let develop

  • Remove your gloves and set the timer for 30 minutes.
  • Wipe away any dye that is on your ears or hairline.

Pro-tip: Set the timer for 45 mins for lots of gray hair.

How to fight the five stages of Hair Aging With Zotos

Step 5: Rinse

  • In the shower, rinse your hair until the water runs clear.
  • Then shampoo and condition your hair as usual, and style as desired.

Pro-tip: I use gloves in the shower while rinsing out the hair dye.


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