How Free People Converted Me Into A Raving Fan

I have been a fan of the fashion label Free People for a while, as they speak to me. You know when a brand does that? That they know you inside and out? Free People KNOWS I’m independent, strong, tomboyish and girly when I want to be. They KNOW I like to travel, need to carve out my niche in this world and love adventures. They KNOW I love fashion and want to feel carefree while doing it, because I want to stand out from the masses, and be the best that I can be.

Now I am already a fan there is no question, but what sent me over the edge to become a raving fan, a true loyalist fan, a die-hard tell-all-my-friends-fan, was this skirt. From their current collection it was love at first site. The simple yet elegant layering of the delicate black lace is breathtakingly beautiful. I have styled the skirt in three different ways, to create three different looks, that speak to all sides of our personalities: Femininity, fun and playfulness. We are after all Free People, right?

How Free People Converted Me Into A Raving Fan

 “We realized that it was really Free People that invoked some of our favorite images,

those of femininity, courage, and spirit” – Free People’s Ethos

How Free People Converted Me Into A Raving Fan

“Smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being,

free and adventurous” – Free People’s Ethos

How Free People Converted Me Into A Raving Fan

“A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits,

with traveling and hanging out and everything in between.” – Free People’s Ethos

I was excited to see the that Free People will be at WWDMAGIC in Las Vegas next month, and am even more excited to see what is part of this years new collection. Remember I’m a raving fan now! Magic Market Week is so influential, it impacts what the world will be wearing.

Free People is a lifestyle clothing brand, that continues to compliment the fashion styles of young women who live and breathe life with a carefree attitude. Bold and boho-chic, they design for all young women who have an adventurous spirit. They offer a lifestyle collection with great price points, with an extensive clothing collection that is well constructed.


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